Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Overview

Focus Mobile’s philosophy is simple. We want the cross-border connectivity experience to be as easy and convenient as the services that are available to us at home.

Through its departments and brands, Focus Mobile is able to offer simple and elegant solutions to consumers – both on the application and machine levels.

Among them:

 Focus Mobile M2M  End-to-end M2M applications for devices installed on moving objects

 Focus Mobile B2B – targets businesses and organizations with frequent demand for international data connectivity

Focus Mobile B2C– Pay-as-you-go (prepaid) data SIM cards, based on “Pay-per-day-used” and “Prepaid Bundle” structure

Keepgo.com – An online resource offering tailored connectivity solutions for occasional travelers

APNchanger WIKI resource providing up-to-date information about connectivity and allowing APN settings remote modification on any mobile device