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Our expertise in the telecom and system directly integrated with major software development areas has allowed us to combine  both to create a state of the art system, directly integrated with a major telecom players that allows us to offer our partners many unique, custom-made international roaming SIM products in addition to providing an easy to use administration tool that provides our partners with a complete overview of the lines and plans in their possession, including online reports system and the ability to control traffic allocation for each and every SIM in real time!

This unique system allows us to offer our partners such International Roaming SIM products as:


Pay Per Day Used:

This model targets businesses and organizations with occasional demand for international mobile data connectivity.

  • – You pay only for the days in use. No charges will be incurred during non-active periods. No hidden costs and over usage fees.
  • – No activation or deactivation of the SIM cards is required. Monitor in real time the SIM daily usage and total amount of days in use.
  • – All SIM cards are re-usable. There is no need to collect your SIM/device cards after the trip. Customer can keep the SIM forever.


Data Pool:
The Keepgo corporate pooling solution is especially designed for enterprises and big organizations.
  • – Monitor the usage and sessions in real-time for every line in your possession, individually and on a corporate scale.
  • – Your price varies depending on the territory you cover. The less countries you choose to cover, the cheaper the price.
  • – Maintain up to 4 SIM cards per every GB in the pool. Set and modify data allowance and limits per every subscriber.


Monthly Bundle:
Hassle free fixed cost solution specifically designed for frequent travelers.
  • – Fixed coverage, allowance, and cost. It’s as simple as that.
  • – You have the option of blocking the traffic or to start over-charging once the bundle allowance has been reached.
  • – Lowest price per GB guaranteed!