Focus Mobile M2M

Focus Mobile M2M Mobile Applications


With a deep, rich suite of mobile data products and services, Focus Mobile offers global connectivity, with tailored integration solutions for customers from all industries.

In partnership with leading multi-national cellular carriers, we offer the best connectivity applications for devices installed on moving objects.



With Focus Mobile you receive:

• Access to the largest global network service footprint

• Assistance from a dedicated team of M2M experts

• Data Management Platform

• CDR Management and Analytics

• Connectivity (Based on Focus Mobile partner’s SIM cards)

• Customized Data Plans (Bundles, Pay as You Go, Shared Plans)

• Alerts and Notifications Rules

• End User Personal Cabinet

• SDK (API Kit for customer’s integration to Focus Mobile platform)


• Healthcare

• Security

• Transportation and Telematics

• Vehicle Tracking

• Cellular Broadcast

• Consumer Electronics

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