We provide regional and global data SIM cards and mobile WiFi hotspots for any GSM device, covering 180+ destinations, aggregating services of dozens Tier-1 carriers worldwide. Keepgo allows customers to have cost efficient connectivity worldwide with tailored roaming data plans. Keepgo has over 300 corporate clients globally and tens of thousands of consumers.

Keepgo has a network of local wholesale distributors, retail POS, and online sales channels in 12 countries.

We offer a solid and easy-to-use website that allows our retail consumers and valued re-sellers to order our select International Roaming SIM solutions online in a few simple steps. The system is highly flexible and allows tailoring a plan to every client’s needs on the fly, offering the best value and best solution for the customer’s needs. Built-in user cabinet allows our customers and re-sellers to review their chosen roaming plan, usage, and other useful data at any time, anywhere. Additionally, our authorized re-sellers gain access to a more detailed re-seller cabinet that allows to easily control and order multitudes of such roaming SIM products at the same time, while providing online usage data and much more!


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