At 2009 we came up with an idea of iPhone as an irreplaceable personal assistant for any traveler abroad. We wanted cross-border travelers to use and enjoy their mobile devices as if they never left home.

The initial focus for the company was renting iPhones with tailored kits of localized applications. iPhoneTrip.com was born, to provide data connectivity solutions to travelers. iPhoneTrip.com was the first company in the world to offer international Internet connection services for data “hungry” devices. In mid-2010 iPhoneTrip became the first company in the market to provide tourists with internet solutions to any destination in the world, offering up to unlimited international data sim cards. Building connections with Mobile Operators and Re-sellers around the world, Focus Mobile currently sells in USA, Russia, Japan and Australia.

As Focus Mobile grew, we realized that our accumulated knowledge regarding carriers, data plans and apn’s around the world could benefit travelers – that is how APNchangeR came about. Focus Mobile decided to share that information free of charge with the general public in the hopes that it will bring value to data consuming travelers. As per today, APNchangeR is a free, open encyclopedia covering the mobile world from the user’s perspective.

Today Focus Mobile is able to provide a guarantee for global mobile coverage, bringing with it a new level of touristic experience.

This concept is still challenging us to think further and come up with different ideas for providing every traveler with low cost prices and tech solutions for any destination, mob device, budget and purpose.

Even a prepaid system is an option for retailers and clients as one. Available online, at airports, convenient stores and other easily accessed sales points, this Data SIM card from Keepgo is different from online ordered plan. No registration or activation required. The SIM is activated automatically with it’s first connection to mobile internet and can recharged online when you run out of data.